Analyzing Log files

Hello All,

If someone has the ability or experience to analyze my downloaded log from a crash - i would appreciate it. The Y6 faired pretty well - just 3 broken props as far as I can tell so I'm not that bummed. Im just curious to see what happened. Was it an air-pocket, something mechanical or did it lose the telemetry signal? or a screw up on my part. I have no idea?? Anyhow I've included the Log files and the video footage of the crash - It happens around 4:30.



2014-10-17 15-10-35.log

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  • Hi 

    I'am uploading the data of Y6 while in the air there are some errors has been executed please go through the attachment and solve the issue :) I hope it's help you :)

    Happy Flying :) 



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