Any experience with Li-HV batteries?

Anyone test this batteries?

comparing with Multistar Lipo ones?

Is any risk with 12V video and the FController power module?

Flight time?


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  • Thank's Forrest, I'm waiting the multistar ones, I have the Lipo vers now so I can compare them when arrived and share test. I have some plans to lightweight that copter too, changing wires, esc, perhaps change the old APM for a Pixracer, etc, many work to do yet :D

  • MR60

    Not all LiHV chemistries are the same. MultiStar has a 10C version that goes half way between LiPo and LiIon. If you can get the rotational inertia compact enough, a CG at the rotor plane, and efficient rotors, the result is astounding. And in a small test, the 10C appeared to be fast enough for ships flying normally for 20 minutes.

  • Thank´s Forrest, no, mine flies half an hour yet, I dedicate to the racer this year but looks great if appears ready to fly ion batteries to the market, I have in my wishlist to enlarge fligh time yet.

  • MR60

    LiIon are the batteries I used to break the world record. You can buy the 3700 mAh Panasonic ones. They are the best as far as I know. I also bought a battery welder to make the 1S1P into what ever size needed.

    They are only good if your ship is flying for about 1hr. Otherwise the C rate of your ship exceeds the C rate of the battery. 

  • Anyone have news about metal Li ion ? they promise to give Us much more flying time :D

  • Two LiHv crossing the ocean to here :D 

  • I would be interested to see any bench tests with these batteries!

  • Thank's Hugues; I'm going to try to buy them :) 

  • MR60

    Hi Ale,

    I have tested the LI-HV 3S 5200mah from HK. I find it excellent and it is giving me 33 min flight time as I showed here:

  • Cool!!! If you test them it's going to be a precise info, they looks interesting because they are little lightweight and little cheaper too :O ...but......cycles?, thrue capacity? more flying time? 

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