APM 2.5 mounting MPU 6000 offset relative to APM board


I am wondering if the arducopter SW calculates the offset the MPU 6000 has relative to the middle point of the APM 2.5 board?

If not I would rather mount the board in a way that the MPU 6000 is in the center of gravity / center of motor diagonals and not the center of the APM board- correct?


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  • Hi Randy-

    Thanks a lot!
    I know that the impact is really small..
    But- I am prototyping a medium weight X8 at the moment (5kgAUW) and for this reason still have the choice for optimal positioning!

    So- MPU6000 in the center!

    Thanks a lot again!
  • Developer


         This question (or something similar) is asked quite a bit.  I think that you're right that ideally the MPU6k should be placed exactly in the center-of-gravity of the vehicle.  I believe the downside of not being in exactly the center is that rotations will cause a slight acceleration to appear as well.  In practice though unless the board is really far from the center-of-gravity and the copter is doing rotations for a long time (i.e. a persistent yaw), it's unlikely to cause any noticeable effect.

         If you do find it has an effect I'd be interested in seeing the logs.  One way to see it is to mount the APM out on an arm and then do a fast yaw for 10seconds or so.  I think that would throw off the attitude estimate.

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