Apm 2.8 and flysky far-i6 flight mode switch.

Hi, I am trying to configure 6 flight modes on a pot dial on my flysky fs-i6. I realize it has no detent, but I have marked dots along the dial to indicate where I need to be for each. Can any one think of any reason why this won't work. It all works on the bench. Just haven't tried it in the air. The main reason being is I broke the lever on my 3-position switch, and don't want to wait for my new one to go fly.


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  • Hi Gustav. I do have the audio from mission planner. Also I am still in the tuning stage. So I just need to go from stabilize to alt hold for the auto tune. I do see what your saying though. I do have a new toggle ordered, but would like to finish the tuning. Just wondered why I've never seen anyone try this. Thought there had to be a reason maybe. Other than what you pointed out. Thanks for the speedy response though.

  • Unless you have audio feedback, it ain't gonna work.

    Or might.

    Until things goes south, then there isn't time to look at dots, AND the plane.

    Get one of the Hobby King type mode changers, you won't regret....

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