Apm 2.8 clone board mounting holes

So I have noticed that my board moves around in the case a little. So I took it apart to find it wasn't screwed down. The holes are there but no screws. So I proceed to screw it down only to find the case wouldn't close properly. So I then used a die grinder to grind down the plastic so the case would seal up tight. Could the board being loose in the case cause vibration problems?

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  • Absolutely that could cause a vibration problem.

  • Does the genuine arducopter boards come screwed down? To be more specific, screwed to the top plate of the case.
  • I've been having one hell of a time getting it to fly in any automated modes. Curious to see if it helps.
  • The finished product. Solid as a rock but no flight time on it yet.


  • Where I took out material.


  • Definitely yes.

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