APM 2.8 Retractable Landing gear issue.

Hi all, I'm  upgrading my Ironman FY690s Hexacopter, with a set on retractable landing gear. I can't seem to get it to work. My Autopilot is running APM 2.8 it flies well, but the landing gear is a new addition. I have a Radiolink AT10 Tx paired to a Radiolink R10D Rx.  I have the Transmitter set to control the landing gear on Radio #7 which I've configured to be switch E, but when I connect to mission planner and flip switch E the little bar for channel 7, doesn't move at all. RC channel 6 is connected to VrA (the first knob on my TX) and it changes when I turn the knob, but I don't have the option to set landing gear to channel 6. So basically channel 7 and 8 do nothing when I flip their corresponding switches and channel 6 is useless at the moment. This also makes it impossible to Autotune the copter. I don't know if they're deactivated or if 2.8 doesn't support them. Please help.

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  • I got it working guys, thanks.

  • I run my retracts from the receiver on Channel 9  just like you would a servo.  I also power the retracts from a separate BEC.  This arrangement is much easier to implement, and the separate power source eliminates the possibility of a receiver/flight controller brown out reboot.

    • I have a dual BEC arriving tomorrow, I got one with two separate outputs, because I need to power a transmitter for my FPV cam too. How is it all set up? Signal lead to channel 9 on the receiver, and radio 9 on the Tx to operate it?

  • Darius,

    You need to do two things if you have not already: 1, Assign the switch(s) you intend to use to channel 7 and 8 on your trasmitter, and 2, include those switches in the radio calibration in Mission Planner.  All switches, pots, and sticks that you intend to use must be moved through their full range during the radio calibration procedure.  I can't think of any other reason that they would not responds.


    • Oh I figured that part out, they weren't responding because there was no servo cable going from that channel on the Rx to the APM. derp xp

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