APM Copter not proceeding to 2nd waypoint

Hello Guys,

Need some help. I'm using APM 2.7 board with ArduCopter 3.1.5 firmware on a quad copter. When I plan a mission and fly in auto mode, it takes off properly. But it is not proceeding to the second way point. It maintains the same position that was given during take off. Has any one faced same or similar problems? Please reply as soon as possible.

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  • please let me know whats the problem if possible by analyzing the log file i have attached mr.rambhattla...

    • log file


    • Developer

      The WPNAV_RADIUS parameter has been set to zero somehow.  It's default is 200 (aka 2m).  With zero, the vehicle never thinks it's getting to the waypoint because it's never exactly on it.

      I'm going to exercise my rarely used moderator powers to fix the title of this discussion. All caps is generally interpreted as shouting.  Might want to reduce the caps in the user name you're using as well.. up to you though.

    • Randy Thank you very much . It worked after i  set WPNAV_RADIUS to 200 cm .
      Thanks others also (Vishwanath and Khao Vu ) for showing interest in solving the problem and giving some valuable inputs. 

    • Thank you Randy. And sorry for the Caps on the title and user name...

    • Developer

      oh, looking much better!  thanks :-).

    • Developer

      I don't see a log file anywhere..

  • Try reloading the mission. On Mission Planner, go into the "Flight Plan" tab, and then down to the "Action" bar on the right hand side. Go ahead, "read" the file, and check for errors, then "write" the file again. An error I've had is that the "waypoint" is not a waypoint but another takeoff, and the quad goes and hovers. Also, I think you should bump up the firmware, I'm running 3.2.1 firmware on my quad right now. 

    • but i have flown with the same firmware previously many times..
      this weird behavior I'm facing is for the last few days.....

  • i don have it now
    i'll try randy's solution 
    if it works then fine ..
    else i'll download and share the log file.

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