Arducopter Delivery Drone

Hi,Greeting from Indonesia.

Now,i've a plans to build a delivery drone for my school.

And now, i run APM 2.6 3.1.5 with U-blox gps

my question is...what parameter and what flight modes should i set for that drone?

Many Thanks for any answer


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  • Hi Ismail, head over to the copter wiki. All the flight modes are explained in detail :

    Everything you need to know is in there.

    Good luck with your venture.


    • Thanks for your suggestion help much to,i will start to think what frame must i made that can fit the goods releaser mechanic and the camera

    • Thanks Antonie for your i have an enlightenment in my next question is...what vehicle should i make?H-Copter or X-copter?

      sorry for my long question and my bad english
      again,thanks for your answer,sir


    • Either frame works well but I suggest you go with the X frame.
      I assume you have a limited budget therefore keep your requirements simple.
      Select a frame that fit those requirements. Example, I have a frame that can hold a camera. I don't need a gimbal but I can't control the camera. Gimbal requires servos etc...
      Perhaps a frame that you can build on. Keep it simple and learn to fly safely.
      3DR has a good selection of parts that work well together.
      My 2 cents.

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