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Didn't want to hijack another discussion so I figured a new discussion was best.

Where is the tuning library for ArduCopter located? I am in the final stages of building an ST800 Bumblebee and having a set of PIDs to start flying with would be really nice. For anyone interested, here are the as-built specs

ST800 Bumblebee frame

T-Motor MN 3510 360KV motors with matching 15x5.5 CF props

Hobby Mate 40A ESCs

APM 2.6 with 3DR external GPS/compass and hexa PDB

3DR 900 mHz telem

Turnigy T9x radios (Dragon Link on the way)

5s 10000mAh LiPo stack

Motors and props will be delivered tomorrow. Waiting on delivery of some more Deans connectors (need 3 more) and the 3DR GPS mast. I had a Buck Boost DC-DC converter and Attopilot set up, but eCalc said I probably wouldn't need it because even at 100%, I'll only be pulling 85 amps total current. 

Here's a few pics taken before I removed the converter. APM is mounted on a small CF plate with Velcro holding it on there.




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  • Here's what it will all look like completely assembled. There are two CF plates fore and aft for mounting radios, GPS mast, FPV and maybe even a sonar unit.

    I am considering getting a set of the RFD900 long-range telem radios in the near future. I'd really like to have a GS for this made entirely of Android tablets for portability, so maybe one set of the RFDs for telem and another set (or another Dragon Link) for FPV. Thoughts?


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