Hi! I have a small question about best way to control (get telemetry and send wp & routes) Arducopter using Raspberry Pi.

I have Raspberry Pi B and Arducopter onboard on my quadcopter linked by usb-cable.

I did read those topics



and I've started to use this fork of roscopter project - https://github.com/epsilonorion/roscopter/wiki

I successfully got telemetry from APM to ROS-topics but as I understand roscopter can't be used for navigation right now - it's still under development.

So I'm trying to find best way how to send waypoints and routes to Arducopter. I don't want to reinvent the wheel and write tons of code for own MAVlink implementation.. Jason Short wrote somewhere here about code written on python using for Mission Planner unit-testing but can't find where is this repository.

For sure this is another way to run APM Planner or Mission Planner on Raspberry and try to use internal python-scripting but I think this way is little bit crappy ;)

Thanks a lot in advance for answers and solutions!

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  • I am trying to do a similar project and have spent many hours and got to roscopter. If there is an easier way or a way to send navigation commands I would like to know.
    Thank you Dimitri for bringing this up.
    • Hi, what about results? As I see here https://github.com/epsilonorion/roscopter/wiki/Exploring-Waypoint-C... - it's just exploring without any success yet..

      I think the best way is to find that framework for Mission Planner testing and just rewrite it little bit.. Or I'm wrong?

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  • Developer

    I put this wiki page up on the dev wiki which talks about running mavlink on the RaspberryPi.  It can send various commands to the Pixhawk (or APM2 I guess although there's no connection diagram on the page for that.)

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