Need a little help please

In Arducopter v3.3 it says that Auxiliary functions or now supported on Channel 9 to 12.

I have a Ten Channel system connected and although I have enabled option for Channels 9 & 10 they don't work, Channels 1 to 8 work fine but the last two have me stumped, i wanted to use one of them to trigger the sounder as a lost model alarm and although its selected in the options menus and written to the Pixhawk nothing happens when the selected switch is used.

Am I reading what it does wrong or has anyone got an idea of what I am doing wrong

in the Radio calibration screen it only shows 8 channels does that mean its not reading my receiver as a 10 channel receiver.

Channel 5 selects flight mode

Channel 7 selects Brake

Channel 8 selects RTL

Should I be able to select channels 9 & 10 or am I reading it wrong

My receiver is a Turnigy/FlySky i10 connected via PPM

Thanks for any help with this


Capture 4.JPG

Capture 5.JPG

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  • I can't find it in the documentation but to save me wasting any more time looking into that can someone confirm that you only get more than 8 channel if you use a radio system that supports s-bus

    Or has anyone managed it just using PPM 



  • A quick question for you. Are you using pwm or s.bus? S.bus will allow you access the addressable channels.
    • I am using PPM

      Is it only s-bus users that have access to the extra channels, that would explain it 


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