ArudCopter 3.1 straight up rules!!!

Been using ArduCopter 3.1 and i must say that i love the precision of altitude hold mode, the new drift mode and the ROCK solid loiter. So I just wanted to send a personal thanks to all the developers who made this possible.

I shot this entire video the last two days using many of the said modes. All i can say you developers ROCK!


PS: i can't wait till 3.2 beta to try out the David Dewey addition of 'SplineNav' mode! Looking way forward to that.


Cheers to all Ardupilots.

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  • MR60

    Can't wait to get to where you are in progress and location.  We have an inch of hoarfrost on the trees!

    The vids were super, butI noticed a bit of jello on one take (a relic of the limits of CMOS).  Are you using GoPro?  If so, so you remember the setting?

  • Hi Mark,

    beautiful views in your video :O

    And cool to observe, how the gimbal is working :)

    Thanks for sharing



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