Automatic and robotic quadricopter

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, but I'm sorry for my English with the translator.

I apologize if I'm wrong section in the forum, I do not know about that topic, section or group post, please moderator if he can move in the due section.

I have a very ambitious project that I would like to see if I can finish it,
I would like to build a quadricopter able to fly without operator, in a given perimeter and that is able to avoid obstacles.

eg: in my house I have a big garden, I want the drone flights to 10m in height along the perimeter of the garden, but should scanzare obstacles like trees or if the route intersects with a bird like a dove or a raven, must dodge so as not to be damaged.

I mentioned this in other forums, the answers were all negative, "it is not possible, it is very difficult, it takes too many instant calculations, there must be a computer on board too powerful, etc ..."

I'm here because I have talked about the forum very well, I know that there are many technical professionals.

I kindly ask if you can help me out to see how far I can go, then it is really impossible, I can say I have tried until the end.

As a first, second and Step clear what would you do?
What are the problems insurmountable?

I sincerely thank you for your help.

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  • The features you are asking for are in military drones upwards of millions.  What is your budget?  There are things you can do with consumer drones, but it all depends on how much you wish to spend.  In addition, there are still technological limitations regarding power.  Almost all consumer drones are powered by lithium polymer batteries and they are heavy.   The more you want to do the heavier the drone will be and more power demanding so you will loose flying time.  With readily available parts these days from China, you can look at a ball park of about $2000 to get something reasonable to do what you wanted, but the flying time will be short, 10~20min so this will limit how much area you will cover with the flying.  Good stable quality consumer drones are can be upward of $20K just for the drone and then you add the sensors and the computer to do the controlling.  So bottom line is still how much you wish to spend.

    • если не далеко то провод можно.....

    • Я не понимаю

    • проводом питать 

    • Я объясню цель проекта:

      И очень футуристический дизайн безопасности для конкретного человека, который будет сделать ничего использование на своей собственности.

      Операция заключается в следующем:

      Существует вилла, по периметру виллы имеются датчики охранной, злоумышленник входит частной собственности, датчик срабатывает, он посылает сигнал на гул, гул в сторону и перейти к этой точке, он начал съемки видео, вы Поместите рядом с датчиком вторжений и делает проверку всех объектов в движении, злоумышленник начал бежать, перехватил гул, то тревоги тростника, позиционируется до 3 метров в высоту и выполняет ряд вращений вокруг нарушителя с радиусом 2 метра, получение 360 градусов, то ALSA до 8 метров, а занимает все до конца пробега.

  • Read these posts, they're probably your best bet with currently available technology:

    • Because the infrared sensor?

    • да можно, сонар тоже можно

      добавить ко всему этому задачи, цели например всегда вперед двигаться и что делать когда препятствие как обход найти

  • Hello Race,

    I am also a new guy here so I am not sure if my answer is right. Your project sounds great, but as the other said, it is a difficult one. In theory, it can be done. Programming the drone to follow the flight plan is easy, everything is in the original ArduCopter. In order to "see" and "feel" the obstacles, there must be a kind of a sonar sensor in your drone. When the drone feels the things, their must be another loop taking the control over the original one, for example increasing the altitude, and then return to the original controller, which will make the drone continues following the old path. As you can see, it is complicated and you will need a very powerful control board, very good sensors, etc.

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