Beginner needs help with oscillations on F450 Quad.

Hi All,

After all my quad start flying but i have very bad oscillations... I feel like i'm flying a boat on water... Every little stick move (roll/pitch) and quad bouncing. I know i need tune the PID but don't have any idea where to start ( i have a micro multiwii quad taht flys rock solid but here pids are looks differents). I attach my log file and video. When light wind comes it also start those "boat" effect on the roll and pitch. I know its on the wiki but i read about gyro gains? Also read about vibrations but mine looks ok (as i compare it ZXY with arducopter wiki)?

My setup:

F450 frame


DJI 2212 Motors with 10x38 props

3DR APM2.6 with external compass

3S 2200 40C Lipo

Spectrum TX with AR6210 with sattelite reciver.

3DR Power Module for APM

I use arducopter 3.1.2 firmware, should i try the autotune?

Best Regards!


2014-03-07 16-16-59.log

2014-03-07 16-26-22.log

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