Better place for an ext compass?

I put an ext compass to my APM on the tall gps mast under the gps but I can move a little from side to side with my hand; that it can affect compass? where or how is the best place to fix it?, time to time the copter yaw a little I'm not shure if it is that little movement the problem.

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  • The best is to have a very solid mast that do not allow any side by side movement, Little movements can lead to disorientation with the vibration. Good thing you have it in a mast but it should be sturdy and not so tall, 3 inches or 75mm give you a good clearance of the motor induced magnetic field a better GPS receiving. There are a bunch of good mast in the market and they are not very expensive.

    Hope it helps


  • Thank's for the answers, That exact what it do Hugues.

    Good Tip Forrest I'm going to try; I continue denying with this reformed cuad; at hover little vibs but when I fly vibs become worse, not unflyable but not desirable; I open the APM box and find that APM bolts where loose; when I changed the magnetized bolts for others where the problem (perhaps I belive Hugues theory about Aliens inside it).Ithigten them and remove the rubber washers and test a little but It flies worse; I notice the APM isn't perfect aligned. That can be a problem?

    The other cuad flies perfect in two days, this one definitively have Alliens.

  • MR60

    I do not think this has a lot of impact. If your compass is not perfectly aligned with your quadcopter's front, it will just move a bit like a crab !

  • MR60

    see if you can find a descent hiking compass and move it around the ship looking for a place that has the least needle deviation from magnetic north.  taking the props off and having the motors running can be advantageous.

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