• MR60

    Could it not also be a way too high Rate D value in the PID settings ?

  • I think it is an electric and not electronic problem, ie one of the motors is not well-connected.......
    Check wires and proper connections.

  • Hi Mark,

    We need a bit more info, there can be various reasons for a twitch like that.

    1. The transmitter is transmitting a spike on one of the channels.

    2. Your receiver is generating a spike on one of the channels that was not transmitted by the radio.

    3. One or more of the ESC's or motors are heading south.

    The best way to try and isolate the source would be to download the log file and look at it. A lot of information is logged. Post it here and let's see if someone can isolate your twitch.

    Are you sure you are not in autotune mode.

  • Developer

    I'd guess that's it's one of these issues.  There are a lot of things that can lead to little twitches :-)

      1. Futaba receiver with 8+ channels paired with old ppm encoder firmware (if it's an old board or a clone which doesn't have the latest version).

      2. the missing GPS is causing little twitches as the auto gps detection runs.

      3. ESCs aren't calibrated so occasionally a motor is stopping (and then restarting)

      4. blown 3.3v regulator which is leading to bad info getting through on the Accels/Gyro.

  • Have you logged the motors?
    • no. but sounds interesting. how do i 'log' the motors?

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