• Hi Dara

    As Chris and Jason said. 

    The latest code is too big for the 1280 APM1, but will work ok with the 2560 APM1.

    If you have it already, then use it, but take a look, the APM 2.5 is cheaper than the older ones, if you are thinking about new projects.

    Correct me if im wrong Jason, but I think the ArduPLANE code still fits on the 1280 board.


  • 3D Robotics

    Is it an APM 1 2560? If so, it's fully supported. Only the earlier APM 1 1280 board is no longer supported. 

  • Thanx Jason.

    Trying to get some college kids to use arducopter platform for their studies ;)


  • Developer

    I still fly Arducopter on an APM1


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