• Worth a try..

    lot of us would be waiting for the results


  • Geovane, how bad do you want to fly?  While many, and I mean many, will disagree with me on this I say go for it.  This hardware is experimental, so experiment with it.  I have actually done this before.  I used two Turnigy AE20A ESCs' with two Hobbyking 20A Blueseries ESCs' with little issue.  I have a buddy who used a 25A ESC with three 30A ESC's with no observable difference in flight attitude.  Some will obviously disagree, and I will say do it with caution.  Just because it worked in these cases doesn't mean it will for you.  If you really want to get in the air though, I say go for it, and replace them with properly matched ESCs' as soon as you get them.  

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