Change FPV channel from APM

Sometimes if you are flying FPV someone else powers up on the same channel.

The channel on an immersion transmitter is just a bunch of dip switches, anyone tried wiring these up to their APM so that you can change channels remotely?

Sound like a good/bad idea?

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  • Not APM, but use a PIC or Arduino to read the pulse length from a spare channel on your RX, convert that to a 4 bit or 8 bit word depending on your video equipment dip switches.

    Remove the dip switches, connect the PIC/Arduino in their place, use a spare RC RX and PIC/Arduino at your base, to switch you RX.

    That would be a TX channel that has a slider, or knob.

    • I don't see any reason the APM/Pixhawk couldn't do the same. Perhaps one of the devs could tackle such a task, though they are busy and there would need to be many of us requesting such things.
      Seems like a great idea to me, and could potentially influence more FPV racers to adopt our hardware over the Naze32 and CC3d.

      Anyone else interested?

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