Compass Live Calibration - not working


I just upgraded to using external compass on my QAV500G. I use the APM2 and AC3.0.1 together with the 3DR external compass. When trying to calibrate I get an error message and thus I am not able to perform the calibration. I include a "print screen" so you can see the message I get.

Anyone familiar with this issue?

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Compass Calibration.jpg

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  • IMHO, this does not look like a compass issue. This is your local system issue when running the application.

    Good that you have made a screenshot of this error. When you start the compass calibration procedure it starts a 'progress bar' on the application, and while starting it, it breaks down as it is missing a '.dll' in your local system (nothing to do with APM or compass).

    Check that SharpKml.dll has te correct version # and whether it is present under your local system (PgmFiles(x86)/APM_Planner/.. under windows) or your local OS.

    Has it run before, if not maybe downgrade Mission Planner to an earlier version, OR remove everything (uninstall from appwiz.cpl using Start->Run) and reinstall Mission Planner..

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