Crash Again.......

Well this is becoming all to normal. just updated to 3.1 and all was flying well. had done an autotune this morning and was then enjoying some of the new modes like drift & sports. well i was up flying when another member was taking off so i flew to the end of the runway to record the take off i was sitting in loiter and would have to say was flying great. he took off and i switched to drift to have the copter fly off out of control it flipped upside down and crashed. I am at a total loss to why this keeps happening. i have replaced all 4 esc from last crash with different ones now running affro 30amp with simmon k firmware. i replace the back right motor and half the frame. I am nearly ready to give it all up its just so frustrating. 1 step forward and 5 back every time only 10 flight between crashes and none have been my fingers. here is the log from the flight i all so have the video if that would be any help.

2014-01-09 13-14 402.log

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  • well yes was using cheap props. the red nyon ones. and wouldnt u know it. i replaced them all after the last crash as it destroyed them all. but yesterday morning i did flip it on landing and crimp one of the front props. Upon inspection after the crash that blade that crimped is still attached but the opposite side is gone. not sure if this happened before or after the crash. but thanks for all the suggestions. im going to replace all props with full carbon. had them sitting wait till i got all the crashes out of the quad first but sounds more like it will stop the crashes putting them on

  • You know, I experienced the same thing back in November. Destroyed my 3DR quad. I posted back then asking if there was a possibility of there being a firmware issue. I got all of the standard responses - bad esc, motor, etc. Then I went down the path of it being GPS/compass problems with interference. I built another quad from the parts and it flies great in stabilized mode (same APM 2.5 FC) but goes out of control in any auto modes - loiter, alt hold etc.

    I had the 3DR quad and flew it happily and successfully for 8 months.

    I just built an H-quad with a n APM 2.6 on it and so far it seems ok. Not going to be a happy camper if it runs into the same problem..

  • Agree with the props.  First time using those black nylon-carbon props.  First flight after crash rebuild - this was the result.


  • That looks like a motor / propeller failure. What propellers are you using ? Do you check the spinners if they are all tight before each flight ? Check the props also near the hub if they look forced (white plastic as if you bend it behound no return point). This used to happen a lot to me when I was using those cheap black nylon-carbon props. They brake in flight without warning.

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