Dataflash and tlog analysis tool

Many of us, definitely me included, have been asking Randy and other developers to analysis the log to see if any tuning needs adjusting such as comparing the roll in / out tracking, magfield level, sat dropouts and other things. If we had a speadsheet that the log file could be loaded in then it could do all this analysis for us and even point out things that our human eyes might miss :) Then Randy would have a little more free time :)

Anyone up for the challenge? It could evolve into a very useful tool for getting our copters flying better and avoiding surprises. It would also tell us if our tuning is getting better or worse as we try different settings. Sometimes it's hard for the eye to see when things are better or worse but the stats should not lie. They can also give us other useful information like total distance traveled, max height and anything else that can be fished from the logs.

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  • Has there been any further progress with this idea?

  • If memory serves Trent from My Geek Show, who participates in these forums, showed something in one of his videos that he was using to analyse log data....looked pretty interesting.  If he is listening, maybe he could share...not sure if it is on his website or not.


  • MR60

    Would this help?  It puts data from the flight log into an excel format for easier analysis.

    • Puts data in by catagory
    • Each data element goes into its own column for ease of manipulation.
    • Keeps data time sequenced to see relationships.
    • Has room at the top for analysis equations.
    • Can hide columns to compress the data view.

    If that's not close to what you need, let me know.  It's easy to change.  For example, "I want drop down menus in each column so I can select only the data I need."

    Log Analysis.xlsm

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