"Dynamic RTL" would be automatically returning to my current gps location instead of the original launch point.

I have clients that want me to shoot stills and video of yachts, out in the ocean. I'm doing one tomorrow. I'll be on the yacht and we'll be moving. If I get into trouble (like losing my video feed, or some other issue), I'd like to be able to use RTL on my Nexus tablet running Tower. I figure it would have to be Tower because my radio doesn't have gps.

Can this be done? I can't find any documentation for this feature. I've already used Tower in follow mode so it doesn't seem like a stretch to just have my quad return to my current location.

I haven't seen it (I don't own any DJI products) but apparently, the DJI Inspire has this feature.

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    Copter-3.3 allows the ground station to set the home position.  So if the GCS (like Tower or whatever) keeps resetting it say every 5 seconds then it would RTL very close to the boat.  I've raised an issue for the Tower guys here.

    implement return to me · Issue #1397 · DroidPlanner/Tower
    AC 3.3 will accept do-set-home commands which should allow return-to-me to work if the GCS sends updated home positions at regular intervals. It shou…
    • Looks like I'll be upgrading from APM to Pixhawk soon! =)

  • I'm in the same situation as you are and can't find anything. Maybe developers could integrate it on the next update.
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      Its coming, to allow folks to land on moving boats

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