Editing APM_config.h and upload file

Hi all,

I'm starting with my quadcopter project and yesterday i had my first fly without crashing :)

Now I’m trying to install an AttoPilot sensor to measure both current and voltage following the instructions in the page:


The soldering job is already done and now it is required to change the APM_config.h… to add this line:

For 3 cell LiPo add this line: "#define VOLT_DIV_RATIO 12.6"

I’m stuck on this step… L

I’ve downloaded the ArduCopter2_0_47.zip and found the file APM_config.h.

Should I add this line in the end of file? If yes, how can I upload the code in the arduino?

Can someone clarify this step?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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  • I am following Filipes post with interest. Since also I need to learn how to modify config file and to do that compiling stuff... Installed the AttoPilot sensor but so far failed getting it to work properly. Experiencing same anomaly in the Battery tab as described by Filipe. Not possible to enter data into the fields below the calibration help text.

    Made the hexacopter maiden flight yesterday. Flying but oscillating, some PID tuning to do.


    Have downloaded Arduino 022 and now look forward diving into it...

    I´d better do some wiki reading on it.

  • Hi again,


    if i'm right, the change should be something like this:



    I will try to upload the code soon.

  • Hi all,


    I found this page that explain how we can to ulpload any code change in the board:


    I´ve already define my sketchbook folder and open the APM_config.h

    Should I just add the line:


    For 3 cell LiPo add this line: "#define VOLT_DIV_RATIO 12.6"


    In the end of the file?


    Thank you



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