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    Hi churl11,

    this might be related to vibrations induced by buzzer tones when changing flight modes. You should check for IMU inconsistency.

    Where do you have your buzzer mounted?

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    • i haven't my buzzer mounted.

    • I changed dead band to 80, first flights looks better and rise a little mid trottle (I had a little low).

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  • It may be over powered or less powered on your hexa-copter.

    Please check "Setting Throttle Mid" on the wiki.

  • I've seen this before when I had a switch on my Tx that was getting old. The transmitter signal seemed to glitch slightly when changing flight modes. I assume all your failsafes are working and have been tested.

    Try changing flight modes with the Telemetry, be sure to change modes the exact same way, Manual to Guided, or Manual to Alt Hold, whatever it is you were doing.

    If issue still occurs, I would try altering your hover throttle setting, turn it up a bit. Having a skewed hover throttle has definitely caused this effect for me.

    Lastly, simply try to reset the drone to defaults, and reflash the flight controller. If you are not using a new board then a reflash of the board is always a good idea.

    Good luck

    Nice job getting the chart. Very interesting to see. 

    • thanks!Justin.

      i use futaba T8FG,when I fly the hexa-copter with 3.2.1, it is all right with the flight modes changing.

      i will try changing flight modes with the telemetry later to see what happen.

      you said it! i will try to reset the copter to defaults and reflash the fireware. it is a good idea.

  • Do you set mid throttle?,

    That's happens to me changing from stab to pos or alt hold with 3.3 if throttle is little low, I think that dead band is higher now, I decrease a little to test but no enougth time to try well yet.

    Try to rise your throttle a little when change mode to see what happens

    • thank you for your reply.

      the hexa-copter needs 50% throttle to i have set the mid throttle as 500.  

      i agree with your opinion that the dead band may be  higher than 3.2.1. that will make the copter sink.

      but is  the dead band  changeable ?  or can I adjust the dead band?

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    the pilot is increasing the

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