Flight time of a 3DR robotics X8 model 2013


I am using a 3DR robotics X8 model 2013, with 2 batteries in parallel( each one: 4200 mAh, 3 cells. I get a flight time of 7 minutes (voltage drops to 11.1 V). I always have an additional weight of 300 grams. I need more flight time. Do I have to change the batteries? buy a new one with 10000mAh.

Thank you

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  • T3

    OP: Why are you considering 11.1v your ending and thus landing voltage? 11.1 on 3s is nominal. A large portion of your flight will take place at or near that. Land around 10.6 volts and flight time will be longer. Also, use a smart charger and make sure the mAh you are putting in is around 80% total battery capacity. Maybe I misread your post, but it sounds like you are landing with gas in the tank.

  • Has anyone found the most efficient WPSPEED for mapping on the X8?
    My tests so far on a Y6 are showing 10m/s is more efficient than 8m/s. I believe 12 m/s is even better, but a bit scary to watch.
    • Do you mean efficient with respect to total range flown per battery?  Or something else? 

    • For mapping, efficiency is defined as distance covered per battery.
    • Have you run it through the calculator that I posted above? It gives you optimal speed for max range.

    • I'm looking for real experiences, not an online calculator.
      Yesterday I tested a 3DR Y6 up to 12 m/s and it used less mAH than the same mission at 10m/s. I Haven't been brave enough to keep increasing the speed yet, but so far it seems the faster I fly the less energy I consume over the same distant. Feedback?
    • Translational lift should increase the efficiency of the rotors as you go faster. So you'd need to work out the max speed you can be moving before the motion blur in your pictures becomes unacceptable - that'd a function of shutter speed and how many cm per pixel you need to capture.

    • Assuming the camera is not a factor, there must be a speed where drag creates a point of diminishing returns.
    • You are exactly right.
      All we need is real experience.

      I am ready to provide solution for recording of live mAh usage and other

      flight parameters, trajectory, GPS, battery health status and more, called Black Box.

      Given all the necessary parameters are logged I can process log file

      to generate statistics and more useful information on energy consumption vs. speed, GPS recorded trajectory.

      Can flight data be live recorded, logged to flash for subsequent processing ?

      Any data format is ok since I have developed video logger integrating

      sensors, live video and Google maps GPS track/ Google Earth 3D track.

      I am curious if EcoMode flying can be implemented into drones.



  • Im using the 10,000 4 cell lipos and getting around 16 min with a 3 axis gimble and go cam. Flying at 5280 ft which cuts down flight time.

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