i have tried everything and i cnat get sync the motors, 


APM 1.0

Futaba T6EXAP Tx/ Futaba PCM1024 R146ip Rx

ESCs HobbyKing 30A ubec

Motor: Turnigy Park480 850kv

The green led on the IMU get turn solid, but the ESCs staying beep and the only way to turn on the motors is putting the yaw, roll and pitch in the lowest position

What i doing wrong? some video that can help me pleasee.

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  • Calibrating and programming are the same thing no?

    I had same issue after downloading a friends settings. couldn Threw my controller calibration off, took me a few hours to figure what was going on YOU MUST CALIBRATE THE RADIO FIRST. Calibrate radio will calibrate throttle good too:)  Then calibrate escs. I had my channels reversed, at one point too. Follow setup exactly in wiki.  Calibration of escs is REALLY SIMPLY if your radio is right.  just follow step by step, don't think just 1, 2 ,3.




    1)take off props battery disconnected

    2) throttle full up

    3) plug in APM2 lipo, it should beep twice?? then throttle down controller, should beep several times, then slowly throttle all the up, back down to bottom, all the way (motors will spin).  If they don't spin, start at 2 again.  Sometimes I have to connect to lipo, and disconnect and reconnect to get it to go into esp cal mode. If this doesn't work there is something wrong with controller or wiring.


  • Can you read this manual and tell me how i can calibrate the throttle good??? i read it twice but could be that for my newness i miss something

    ESC User manua;l.pdf

  • Ok, make sure the throttle endpoints on the TX is set to normal, first.

    I don't know the radio, but usually it is + and - 100%

    In fact, make sure you are in standard aircraft mode, and all your controls are + and - 100%

    Remove the propellers from the motors.

    Calibrate each speed controller on its own, by connecting it directly to the RX throttle position.

    I assume you got the setup manual that came with the controllers ?

    I bought the programming card for the Turnigy motors, makes setting up MUCH easier, than listening to the tones :-)

    After that, calibrate the controls using Mission Planner.

    And yes, by default the APM disarms the motors on bootup, you have to put the yaw stick to the right, and hold it there for 15 seconds or so, to arm the motors.

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