Hey, drone users, greetings !

I'm Ivan Kolev and I am from Bulgaria.
I study civil engineering and I almost taken my master degree.
I'm intrested in 3d mapping with drones since it finds a place in my work. (photogrammetry, terrains etc. )

I have 12 000$ and i want to invest em in drone that can ensure me 3d mapping cappability with high accuracy of geodesic points.
Can you offer me some viable choice between drones,
tell me whats most important in UAV drones 3d mapping and what should i mention when i chooce a drone an software for it ?

I would be so grateful if someone helps me.
You can write me here or PM on inkolev@mail.bg

Best regards,

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  • Probably the most challenging part would be finding someone who would be piloting and taking care of your multicopter. Buying one is piece of cake, operating .. it's a whole other story


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    There's a wiki page here on 3d mapping and it also has some links at the bottom to a number of blog posts which may give more info on what people are using.

    best of luck.

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