I posted this on drone-discuss but without any answer, so I try here again:

In an objective to georeference images, I'd like to export from a .bin log file the CAM & GPS messages with corresponding timestamps (the time that is displayed in the second column of the mission planner "review log" screen). I convert the .bin file to a .log file from the mission planner log utilities. However when importing the produced log file into excel, the timestamp column was removed in the .bin to .log conversion (as if the first two columns of the .bin are removed when creating the .log version of the flight log).

Questions that I have are :

-the timestamp that appears in the second column in mission planner review log corresponds to what time ? GPS time or internal Pixhawk time or else ?

-How can I easily (without programming a utility to decode the .bin log) export ALL columns of the .bin log to a csv type of file ?

-Where are specifications of the .bin data structure & content ?

-Is the disapperance of two columns from .bin to .log conversion a known bug or should a new issue ticket be created (if yes, where to create it, I am lost in all of these forums used for various categories of topics ?)?



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    • The second column is UTC time, so there is ~17 seconds difference between GPS time (leap seconds).

    • Hi Hugues, this column is simply :

      item.time.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff");

      I checked the source code, I can tell you how export or convert those GPS and other timestamp.

      By the way, it would be easy to add a button in the LogViewer and add 4 lines of code to copy the whole table (DataGridView) into the clipboard.

    • MR60

      Best answer awarded! Remains the question of what is the T0 reference to convert from a duration to a date-time-hour format?

    • Here is how to calculate the GPS and CAM time from timestamp from the source code (DFLog.cs) :

      FMT, 130, 45, GPS, BIHBcLLeeEefI, Status, TimeMS, Week, NSats, HDop, Lat, Lng, RelAlt, Alt,Spd,GCrs,VZ,T

      GPS, 3, 130040903, 1769, 10, 0.00, -35.3547178, 149.1696673, 885.52, 870.45, 24.56, 321.44, 2.450000, 127615

      First the GPS status value has to be 3 or 2.

      Then calculate :

      UTC Time = 1/6/1980 (6th Jan) + 7 * WEEK + SEC - 16 (don't ask me why about those values, it's in the code)

      Where :

      WEEK = the GPS week in log

      SEC = TimeMS in log / 1000

      public static DateTime gpsTimeToTime(int week, double sec)
          int leap = 16;

          // not correct for leap seconds                   day   days  weeks  seconds
          var basetime = new DateTime(1980, 1, 6, 0, 0, 0, DateTimeKind.Utc);
          basetime = basetime.AddDays(week * 7);
          basetime = basetime.AddSeconds((sec - leap));

          return basetime.ToLocalTime();

      For the other time convertion (IMU...), do the following (need a loop) :

      UTC Time = last_GPS_time + TimeMS - offset

      Where the last_GPS_time is last GPS time from log,

      TimeMS the TimeMS value of current line,

      offset is the value of the last parameter (T) of the last GPS message.

    • 7 * WEEK [days] + SEC - 17 [sec] (pay attention to units)

      Thanks Krzystof

    • MR60

      Should I assume that GPS counts seconds since January 6, 1980, or since August 21, 1999 (when they reset the week count to zero again) ?

    • 16 - it is the leap seconds, but nowdays it should be 17.

  • There is no clock in the Pixhawk.  Timestamp from GPS may not always be there as GPS is optional and it can also have GPS glitches so the timestamp is not reliable.

    • MR60

      A timestamp is displayed as the second column in front of each log record as pointed by the yellow arrow on the picture below. My question is how to export this to a csv or excel file,


    • MR60

      doesn't it all ready export it as the file name and sheet name?  use TimeStamp = or the worksheet name

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