Issue with RC11 and Camera Gimbal

Well this one is really doing my head in.

Have been trying to setup the gimbal, but which ever axis is connected to RC11 just twitches randomly and aggressively all over the place.

Also as an aside, are RC1-8 the same as outputs 1-8? trying to work out if i have a spare RC output for pan stabilisation.

APM2.5+ and the latest Arducopter software. 3 Axis HAL Gimbal from HK.

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  • I did have similar issue. Try to disable the camera gimbal on Missin Planner and then re-enable it again. It fixed for me. There is one checkbox control for each 2(3) channels, just uncheck it first. Then the servo should stop. Then try to enable it again and should work. At least for me.

    One question after you will have this fix: I did assign a Joystick channel for camera gimbal, selection the well (roller) channel (usually used for joystick throttle). When I use that roller, I was expecting the tilt servo to go up or down progresivelly, but it looks on my case, it go on the 2 extreme positions (up or down), without considering the roller from joystick. Tell me if this work for you.

    I did use the joystick, since I do not have a spare channel on my TX (dx6i)

  • This may sound stupid, but last week I tried to set up a gimbal and found that I was misidentifying RC11, because I was looking at a "map" that appeared to me to show it as the last set of pins in the row. It's not, it's third from the end of the row (the end closest to the USB port).

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