I have never had a flip with my APM 2.6 but last flight landing was a little weird.

  • Flew for a bit fine, no issues, there was some wind up there tho
  • After fun flying I landed in Alt Hold mode (note were on the ground now, all legs flush and level)
  • Props slowed down like normal to almost stop, very very slow, just like normal
  • I commanded disarm, both sticks bottom left, have done this a hundred times.
  • TBS Disco Pro props turn faster...uh oh...not sure if it happened right before I sent disarm or right after.
  • TBS now leans back on its tail, meaning its now pointing straight up to the sky.
  • motors stop after a few seconds leaving it on its tail bone, not flipped over.

Nothing broke, but I thought I would let devs aware of I had this.

guess Ill land in stabilize from now on.



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  • Hi there,

    The disarm gesture is throttle down+yaw left. If you were inputting a roll or pitch command, it is not surprising that the copter flipped on the ground.

    • Wow...2 years I have done done that.  Just re-read something I have not read in a long time, Its just throttle down+rudder left NOT pitch+yaw too....defiantly pilot error.  Guess I have been lucky.  Sorry for the bother, thanks for the brain refresher Jonathan.

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