Laser Altimeter

Fuel for the thought. 

I wanted to see if anybody has every wanted to try this. I am not sure how it works but I had read about it and wondered if somebody wanted to try it.

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    Take a look at this laser range finder. 

    Ultra Low-Cost Laser Rangefinders Actualized by Neato Robotics | Hizook
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    There's been a couple of discussions re laser range finders.


    Here's one talking about hacking a commercial laser range finder.

    Sparkfun also had a challenge (with a prize) to try and get people to share if they'd successfully hacked one (I don't think anyone has had complete success).

    And here's a guy who successfully interfaced a very expensive ($2k-ish) hokuyo laser range finder.


    Needless to say, it would be fantastic if we had a reasonably priced laser range finder!

  • Do you have any particular sensor in mind?  What application are you thinking of?

  • Count on me.

    LIDARs and other laser apps are why I was lead to here as primary application. 


  • I don't see why not.  Probably cost would be the only issue.

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