• Interesting, why there is no C rating for power tool batteries like Milwaukee M12 popular version?

    • MR60

      you can calculate the C rate.  it is max continuous amp rate / capacity in amp-hours.  1/C = the time in hours you can fly at that max rate.  So for example, the experimental Li-S batteries, need to discharge at a rate no faster than 3 hours so the C rate = .33 (1 / 3 hours)

  • I have been using Li-Po's for about 4 years on my drones. They work well and last a long time if you have a good balance charger. Just charge at 1C and be patient.As far as Li-ion I can't answer about the use in drones.Maybe somebody else will respond with that information.

    Good Luck.

    • I used a good balancer to charge but after flight battery got inflated.

      Thanks for your response.

    • sounds like you ran the voltage too low.

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