lose telemetry radio connection with 3dr robotics X8

Hello every one,
I was flying my quadrotor (3dr robotics X8) several times, and the connection with my laptop was very good even at a distance of 100 metres, but recently I lost telemetry connection (433 Mhz) just when the flight begins and the distance between my laptop and the quad. exceeds 5 meters. Can you help me to solve that problem?
Thank you.

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  • Developer

    If you power the radio without the antenna fitted you will kill the radio.  If you have done this buy a new radio. 

    If not the link below has information on how to diagnose issues with your radio.  Its important to figure out which end you may have issues.  For instance my plane radio is in a good position with minimal interference but when I plug my ground radio directly into my laptop its awful and I ALWAYS have to use a decent USB cable to get it away from my laptop.


    Thanks, Grant.

    • Thank you. I tried to change the cable connecting the radio telemetry to my laptop, but I still have the same problem. Here is the graphs I get from telemetry log3702574431?profile=original

    • Developer

      That Blue line is bad.  See how there is a large gap between the yellow and green lines - that shows the radio transmission is well above the noise level.  For your red and blue this isn't the case.  Either that radio is in a terrible position or its busted.

      Thanks, Grant

  • I broke the radio antenna connection off my first telemetry unit as it wasnt soldered on very well.

    I'd look there as the first point of failure.

  • My Antenna easily comes unscrewed and eventually falls off. Takes the signal out with no antenna.

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