My micro quad is rolling to hard right, I have to full left stick to get it to hover in the slightest.

Mission planner everything looks good with the accelerometers, artificial horizon is all showing correct.
CG has been checked and very well balanced.
Motors direction, props etc checked
ESC calibrated using Randy's all at once method
Board full reset several times.

It's almost as if the more I throttle up the more the quad leans right, and the more it leans right the more it thinks it should lean more right so it continues to lean further.  It can be corrected by hard left to get a hover so it cant be motor direction or props, but nonetheless I have checked motor direction and props many times.

Its like the APM wants to lean it hard left and I dont know why.

Can someone take a look at the logs and recommend anything I should look at.


Update: Here is a video showing how I have to hold roll completely to left to keep the quad level.

It does fly if I hold stick completely to the left

Thanks, Ed

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  • This was solved by changing the trim in APM

    Thanks Thorsten for the answer

  • I thought it was a program mode, but reset the ESC and recalibrate same exact same issue, so no thats not it :(

    Here is a little video of the calibration, so at this point I'm at a loss...again.

    Here is is flying...keep in mind this is with roll completely to the left, if I were to release roll to center it will bank hard right and crash

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      You're doing all 4 ESCs, right?
    • yes its Randy's all at once calibration with the APM
      Based on this video

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      I'm the type of person that reformats and reinstalls Windows when something starts acting up, so you know the route I would take...

      Hopefully someone can drop in and analyze that log file for you.
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      How about a radio calibration?
      Edit: it says you did a board reset. Can you try creating a new profile on your dx as well?

      Is the AP mounted in a way that you can rotate 180?
    • yes, radio calibration at least a million times :D

      I am really leaning towards ESCs but not sure at this point.

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      Ok. Sorry, I know it's frustrating when suggestions are all things you've already done.

      I would rotate the autopilot and see if you can determine if it's a motor/esc problem or not. Or swap around your esc/motors
    • I swapped motors with other side, ESC are deep and soldered so not so easy.
      MP shows everything good on the artificial horizon.
      Ill keep banging on it...thanks for the input tho

  • Okay, you guys were right...I think it is the ESC, they are not SimonK so I need to program them a little different 
    Its flashed with BLHeli 13.2 

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