HiHave just got a new Crius GPS V2 and the cable that connects to the APM is not a molex like before but more like a black servo connector. I'm a bit stumped as I would presume this should just plug and play like the V1. It seems a bit stupid if I have to take the old lead off the V1 to use with the new V2Any help would be appreciated.RegardsRoy

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  • Sorry to sound a bit of an eejit but they are both suppled by RC Timer and the V1was originally fitted to an AIOP also supplied by RCT but now it has a different connector . Surely it must be supported as both sold by same supplier.
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    Crius gps is not officially supported by apm hardware/software so if you use it you need to configure it from scratch and also make suitable cables for it. I think cirius was using some jst style 4 pin connector. On apm we have both Df13 and 6pin EM406 style connector for gps. 

    You can use which ever connector. Judt make suitable cable for it and off you go.

  • you need a 5 pin Hirose DF13 connector instead of the four pin servo on that end.  Unless you got a steady solder hand you will have to order the connector.    

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    The APM connector is not a Molex but a Hirose DF13 5 pin. I'm not sure what Cirus use, but hope that helps.
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