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As we all know high accurate attitude(orientation) , position , and velocity data are very much important for UAV navigation.

Air plane is a vehicle which always travel with some considerable high velocity , so normal AHRS without GPS aid does not work well for attitude determination of such a vehicle. On the other hand for slow moving vehicle like quadcopter has little effect of usage of GPS sensor compared to Air Plane specially when its in hovering position. So it needs high accurate accelerometer,gyro(IMU sensors) and magnetic sensor for attitude determination.

For real time  and high update rate position and velocity calculation requires both high quality IMU as well as GPS and Barometer. 

Such system are in 1500USD-3000USD price range. 

So we group of engineers started to develop new GPS/INS sensor which will be around(less than) 500USD with high quality sensors as well as very robust sensor fusion algorithms.

Includes sensors : 

IMU : Industrial grade IMU fully calibrated for scale factor,bias,misalignment (Allignment error ~=0.1 degrees). (calibrated for temperature dependency as well (0C-60 C)).

GPS : Ublox Neo-M8N ( 3 concurrent GNSS - Support all GNSS available) .

and barometric sensor.

navigation grade Adaptive extended Kalman Filter(AEKF)  and other sophisticated filters runs on 32 bit ARM processor for sensor fusion. Max data output rate : 500Hz.

Accuracy : Roll/Pitch : 2.0 degrees RMS-Static , 1.0 degrees   RMS -Dynamic.

                  YAW : 5.0 degrees RMS-static , 3.0 degrees RMS - Dynamic.

                  Position : 2.0m (GPS accuracy)

                  Velocity : 0.1m/s2 (GPS  accuracy).

Resolution : Roll/Pitch/Yaw : 0.01 degrees.

                    Position 1mm. 

                    Velocity 1mm/s.

Repeatability :  Roll/Pitch < 1.0 degrees , Yaw <  2.0 degrees.

So friend before deploying this product into market. I like to know the demand for such device. 

So please leave a comment about your interest of this product.

best regards.


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  • I have been wondering for a while now why someone hasn't done this yet. I would think that any effort to fly beyond line of sight would require a mitigation for unintentional/intentional GPS denied environment.  SWAP and cost: If it can be made to work on small UAS (probably fixed-wing due to range/endurance demands), I would imagine a very large demand.

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