Octocopter 2.8.1 - Stabilize control P is greyed out


I have tuned my Octo earlier with no problems. I changed motors to AVROTO and now I was going to tune it again. I discovered that the P-term in Stabilize Control PID was greyed out, and the value is as low as 0,0010. I am not able to change the value. All other PID values are changable except for this one.


Anyone know why this happens?




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  • Developer


         Could you include a screenshot fo where you're seeing it greyed out?  There are a number of places to adjust this in the mission planner so although I can adjust it ok, maybe we're looking at different screens.

         By the way, we removed Stab D in 2.9.  That's probably not the param you're trying to adjust but I'm just mentioning that just in case 'cuz that parameter likely would appear as greyed out now.


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