Hello everyone,

I have been promoting my business around St. Petersburg Florida the last month, setting up sales booths at the Clearwater Super Boat Race and Watt Fest. My time down here has been a huge learning experience with great results. Big thanks to ubuyadrone.com.

I'd like to ask the forum what their preffered OSD chip is?

It would seem to me that there are a few schools of OSD, those intended for FPV and contain their own GPS(EZUFH OSD),

And those intended for Drones with telemetry and GPS is outside the OSD.

I'd also like to find an OSD that displays BOTH the Video RSSI and RC RSSI. 

I've only seen this on youtube and I cant seem to find it and I am currently using EZUHF 8Ch receiver.

Thanks guys, and have a great weekend.

- Justin

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