One motor not working sometimes!!!

Hello all,

I have posted about this before and really haven't had a solution.  Once in awhile after I get the computer hooked up to the quad and get things set.  Then I unhook and get the motors going.  One motor will not spin.  I will try a few times and eventually it will start working.  It has happen before and it just happened again. 

3dr quad, apm1, 880 motors and running the newest of new software.

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  • I've had the same thing happen but it's usually more than one motor. The cause I determined to be the capacitor I had on the 5V line that either the APM or ESC's didn't like. My solution is just to wait about 30 seconds in between battery changes. If I do it any quicker. It ALWAYS happens and is usually 3 motors that will not spin up. Do you have a capacitor installed? I do it just to avoid any quick brownouts during flight.

  • 3D Robotics

    Sounds like you need to recalibrate that ESC again (or, if it's gone wonky, replace it)

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