• The PixHawk requires a PPM or Horizon based receiver so can get one of the ppm converters but they cost almost as much as a FrSky receiver.

  • I don't think you are going to get that working it uses SB v2 and the Pixhawk won't talk to it. I use one of the FrSky Futaba receivers and then put the 14SG into 8 channel model which then falls back to SB v1. Good news is that the FrSky receiver is around $30 US (I forget the exact amount) instead of the nose bleed amount the Futaba receiver is. At some point I plan to do range checks to see what the difference is but I have not had any issues on the X8, QAV250, and XHover platforms I have used it on. 

    • which selection is for 8ch mode? i have a choice of: FASSTTest-12CH, FASSTMULTI, FASST7CH and S-FHSS

    • Try the FASST7CH

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