Pixhawk mavlink parameters mav_type values reference guide ?


I'm looking for the MAV_TYPE values of all the pixhawk parameters. I just could find the list of parameters on the wiki doc, but could find nowhere what is the MAV_TYPE value of each.

For example : what is the MAV_TYPE value of the parameter "CIRCLE_RADIUS" ? Is it a signed int8 or an unsigned INT16 or ... ???

Anyone knows where I can find that information ?



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  • I went int the amp_planner project and then in src>comm are the header files you will find all of the definitions in there. Then open the project up in something like Simpletext and search for the symbol you are interested in and you can see how it is being used in the code. There is a little overlap between the amp and the Pixhawk but not that much.

    I hope that helps,

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    • MR60

      Thx for this info. Will check if this answers it.

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