PixHawk Motor ESC cali


When connecting the pixhawk with the motors also in the circuit there is an arc of current at the connector (scary) and the motors beep then twitch to a beep every 1-2 seconds as the PIXHAWK powers up and continues to twitch and beep indefinately.

 Firmware, comp-cali, accel-cali, done was attempting to get into ESC calibration Mode.

Currently all the ESC's are hardwired, I was hoping to calibrate them all at once, or connect the control wires to calibrate them one at a time...

Now on the third attempt the pixhawk is fried, tried usb power up and the pixhawk is dead.  I need to know what to do differently before buying a new pixhawk.  I have HobbyWing FlyFun 40A OPTO esc's on an OCTO frame.

Any suggestions?

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