Pixhawk with 3RD Radio

Hi all,

I get a new pixhaw yesterday and try to install it on a Hex (was an APM2.6 on it before) everything goes well if I use the USB cable to connect them with my laptop. If I start to use the 3DR original radio, the part on the lap works, but no led on the Pixhaw site will work. So I can not have the connection.

My radio from 3DR ist not the newest one but works whith APM very well.

Has any  a idea whats happend?

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  • You have to change the pins on the old radio to suit the PiXHawk.

    I used the extra GPS cable.

    • Thanks,

      I will try and let you know(hopefully it works)

    • Hi Darren,

      I canged the wires, the positive contact was different from APM; and... it works.

      Your comment was very helpful; thanks and have a good day.

  • Do you have the same NET_ID on both radios?

    Otherwise you may need to upgrade the firmware version on the older radio to match the new radio.

    • Hi,

      I dont know nothing about"Net ID"; but on the APM it works well (also I use a chinese radio works well).

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