Position mode in Arducopter 3.2.1 = Drift mode?

I am testing the flight modes to find the most stable mode for video shooting.

I found I can change the flight modes in the Mission Planner and there are 13 flight modes.

Arducopter homepage explains that Position mode is not available in AC3.2 and higher.

( http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/ac2... )


But Mission Planner of AC3.2.1 shows Position mode available.

When I tested Position mode, I couldn't control Yaw with the left stick.

Position mode flew like Drift mode which is not what I want.

Here's my questions:

1. If Position mode is discontinued, why it is still appeared in Mission Planner? Just fault?

2. What is the most proper mode for shooting stable video? I found Stabilize mode is very difficult to control (and even STD mode written on the IRIS+ controller(FS-TH9X) was assigned to Altitude Mode not to Stabilize mode in Mission Planner when I first opened the Mission Planner)

3. Do you really use Drift mode for "a smoother and more coordinated filming result" as Arducopter homepage explains? (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flying-arducopter/flight-modes/dri... )

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