Power module smoked

Hey guys,  I am building a new Tri copter and was bench testing my copter and was having an issue with one of the motors not starting properly.  I thought i had an ESC issue so I was investigating the ESC and wiring.  I was applying throttle on the bench and then suddenly pop goes the power module and smoke.  

Thank goodness that APM is still working since I tested it with USB.  I could jumper JP1 and power it with the ESC for now.  The power module is a Chinese knock off and I am attaching a photo of the damage area.  Can someone tell me what this section of the module does that burned up.  I also ordered a new module from 3DR.  I am grateful this happen on the bench.  

I was all excited and ready to do my first flight using the Tower android application and then this happens.

I find this so amazing what we can do this so I made a short video of connecting Tower to AMP 2.6.

Any input would be grateful.

My Video on Tower and APM 2.6



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  • Cool video. I Haven't taken the leap to Tower still using and older version of DP. I must say over the past 2-3 years DP has had it's share of issue. Does Tower seem to work good? Stable? No Mavlink connection issues? If I had a dime for every time I heard 'lost contact to vehicle'. ha 

    I smoked a power module once I did my connections backwards instantly fried it. Like you I was just about to test fly so i wasn't happy with myself at all!! Nothing quite like the smell of burnt electronics is there? ha I'm not sure what part of the module you had go bad but I'd say you had the perfect play for it to fail.... on the ground! :]

  • Well, you might get more replies on the weekend. Also, skimming the first time I took your post as more of a "don't get Chinese knockoff parts" message. Rereading it I do see there are some questions in there, but you might find calling the questions out clearly (especially in your title) will get you more replies.
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    You get what you pay for with Chinese knockoffs. I have quite a few 3DR PMs and have yet to have one fail even in a crash.

    I suggest that you forget determining why your knockoff failed and buy the genuine article and move on with you hobby.



    • Just Curious  were does 3DR manufacture the APM's?

    • I did order a 3DR power module.  I was looking for a schematic of the power module online and could not find one.  

      Thanks for the reply.

  • Not a single reply???  

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