Powering APM with switching regulator

Doing a hex build using APM 2.6 and 6S LiPo. I found this blog post showing how to not brown out the APM:


Problem is that from the basic wiring diagram the author provides (VERY nice BTW) it is difficult to tell how APM is being powered. With all the other stuff such as Attopilot in there, do you still use the supplied 3DR power module, or do you use the output voltage from the switching regulator? If powering from the regulator, where do you connect it to APM as an input power source?

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  • Attopilot(I&V monitor) and the V-Regulator(Power) are used instead of the 3DR PM. The reason is that the power module was only built to handle up to 4s lipo.
    The regulator is powering APM on the input rail.

    • So the regulator is providing 5VDC on the input rail and the Attopilot is giving I and V signals. I get it. Now, which pins to they each go to? I just ordered an Attopilot 180 and a switching regulator. I ordered a brand new APM 2.6 setup today and don't want to hook it all up and end up releasing the magic smoke when I connect the batteries.

    • What's a picture worth?
    • LOL Yeah I saw that but still wasn't too sure which pins. I am still kind of new to the APM in terms of the real technical side of things. I really don't want to smoke a new APM.

    • Atto_V to APM_A1_S
      Atto_I to APM_A2_S
      ATTO_G to APM_A1_G
      From REG +- to APM_RC-INPUT any +- will work.
      No smoke.

    • Thank you! That's what I needed. Gotta keep the magic smoke in the boxes. Right?

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