problem with the magnetometer

Hi , i plug the magnetometer face down as instructed but when we start to arducopter and arm the motors , giving throttle is totally unsafe . The quad start to oviliate like a coin on a table.Is it because it is configured to work at higher hight than take off ?Or do i have a problem .Also i can not pass to different modes with the exceed rc 6channel tx.Anyone kbow how to figure those two problems out.?

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  • Wait, on ac2 and when configured as x format the apm should be between both arms facing forward???
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    Almost certainly a configuration error. Please go through the troubleshooting guide here:
  • Hi. You're not giving to much detail about your quadcopter. What lenght are the arms ? What motors and esc are you using ? The magnometer only tells wich ways is north when stopped, a GPS can give you heading but only by deslocation vector, so that doesn't seem to me like a mag problem. What you're describing we use to call it wobbling. That generally has to do with PID settings incorrect for your configuration (doesn't mean the PIDs are incorrect, just not working with your config). If I were you, I would start by checking if the quad is properlly balanced. Check where is the center of gravity, it should be close to center as possible, check that your ESCs are calibrated, check that the motors are all rotating in the proper directions ( front and rear clockwise, left and right counter clockwise), check that the APM is well oriented (always front direction, either you use "x" or "+" configuration - in "+" APM to front arm, in "x" APM pointing between 2 front arms), check that all the propellers are balanced and correctlly placed, check that all motors are at the same distance from center (in case the sctructure was made by you), check that you don't have a motor or two a little twisted. I must say that happened to me with a frame I build when using 10x4.5 props and 1400kv motor. When I began using 12x4.5 and lower rotation motors (880kv) the problem was gone.  
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