Quad flips and accelerates rapidly

Hi Guys,

I am not having much luck in getting my quad to fly maybe it is because I am a very inexperienced RC pilot. I must have I have done something wrong somewhere.

I am using a X525 V3 frame with the APM2 and was hoping that I could at least get to a controlled hover stage. I believe that I have constructed the Quad correctly but after arming it and with the gentlest amount of throttle it either wants to flip over – left side flips over to the right or when I have managed to get the quad off the ground it accelerates very quickly and shoots up into the air and then flips over and crashes.  Yes I have broken a lot of props.


I cannot seem to get the Quad to slowly take off or even to hop it just seems to want to rapidly accelerate.


Here is some information on my configuration and my set up.


  • ArduPilot Mega 2.0 Fully Assembled System
  • RC Hobbywing Skywalker 20A ESC
  • XXD 2212 KV1000 brushless motors
  • APC 10x 4.7 Slo-Flyer props
  • X525 V3 frame – without landing gear
  • 3S Lipo 2200mah
  • TX Futaba T6EX  - in Mode 1(reversed channel 3)
  • RX Futaba R617FS
  • APM Planner version 1.1.96
  • Firmware QuadCopter 2.6


I have calibrated the ESCs manually and then automatically and have confirmed that they all are rotating in the correct direction


M1: Front Right  spins CCW

M2: Left Rear spins CCW

M3: Front Left spins CW  (pusher prop)  

M4: Rear Right spins CW  (pusher prop)  

I believe that I have followed the instruction manual correctly including levelling the Quad and ensured that it is configured as  X configuration, all appears to be working correctly within the Mission Planner. 


I have adjusted the PIDs as per the guide Guide for flying a Quadcopter in Stabilize mode and for initial PID adjustment.



Angular Rate Control P = 0.8000

Stabilise Control P = 4.500

Yaw Angle Rate Control P= 0.150

Yaw Stabilisation Control P= 7.000


I would grateful for any assistance as this is driving me insane


Regards Dean

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  • I think I see your problem.  Was same as mine.  The 4-wire connector on right of photo should have the white wire on the outermost connector.  Take your connector apart and conect the wires one at a time and see if you can't get the right connections.  What I found was that the outermost two wires had to be switched for each other, and likewise the inner two wires.  Try that.  Call me if you want. 509-366-5831.  By the way, that 4-wire connector came with the kit, so it was an error at the front end of the DIY shop!!


  • I have managed to figure out one issue and that was I had reversed channel 3 in the TX and also checked to reverse channel 3 in the Mission Planner - Configuration- Radio Calibration tab.  The Quad still flips but it is not so violent. 

    I have checked and rechecked the ESC calibration many times so at this stage I think I might have a gyro setting issue. Did I say that I was desperate :-) ?


  • Hello. Can you please confirm your Angular Rate Control P = 0.800 ?! If that's correct, you have it way too high. For your configuration maybe you want to try something like 0.120. The default value is 0.180 so if you have it at 0.800... that's about 4 times more than default. Confirm, correct if that's the case and try again.

    What you describe happened to me maybe 3 times, I think it had to do with some corrupted data or parameters in memory. What I did was go into terminal mode, -> setup -> erase -> reset ! After this I re uploaded the firmware, done all the calibration procedure, radio calibration, level etc again, tuned the parameters and everything was ok.


  • Hi Dean,

          I had the same exact problem, than I realized that the board was not 'looking' forward.

    Have a look at the arrows painted on the board: the 'roll' arrow should point forward.


  • Have you doubled checked that your board is placed right? The front side should be at the front side off the Quad.

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