quadcopter model dynamique identification

hello everybody 

I confused about quad-copter model identification , since the quad is unstable in open loop ,then how can I identify it since is unstable ??? but if I add a controllers in loop of system and re-identify the new global  system in close loop ; then how can I extract the quad-copter original model from a close loop model which contain the controllers function ????    

I am so confused about that .

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  • since there is no answer, I should to answer myself, hahahahah anyway .
    after some googling I found that the most known technique is to close your loop with a (bad controller) that guaranties only the system stabilisation without caring about the system performance,
    after that we make the identification processe. using the result model which contain (system + the bad regulator) to design a new robust controller or whatever.

  • hi ,im also confused...

  • no reply ???

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